Charlotte’s preparation for the holidays is clearly in full swing, as people are going shopping for gifts for their loved ones and even preparing their menus for forthcoming celebrations. 2020 hasn’t exactly been kind to the local business scene, as COVID-19 has affected all kinds of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

A promising sign of better times is that the holidays seem to be freeing up, and many Americans remain hopeful that the holidays will be a joyous time for everyone. In fact, the National Retail Federation is expecting holiday sales to grow up to over 5 percent over this time last year in 2019. Despite the economy seemingly going towards a recession, Charlotte shoppers will likely keep the spirit of giving strong with an expected $6.5 billion on presents and seasonal expenses.

Taking Advantage of the Rise In Sales

Charlotte SMEs can prepare for this sales hike in the coming weeks towards events like Christmas Eve through investing in the right services to obtain online visibility. There is no doubt that many shoppers are using Google searches to find the right gifts for loved ones. While many will be coursing their orders through Amazon, it’s hard to find lots of cool gifts on their website. This gap is where you, an SME, will come in to fill the wishlists to boost the holiday season.

Lifting the Spirits After a Challenging Year

There is no doubt that 2020 has been challenging for almost everyone on earth. America has suffered significant losses as a result of COVID-19 but continues to push back with strong resilience. Consumers love the holiday season, as it entails plenty of positivity and good vibrations, which is the best time to uplift the spirits of loved ones through gift-giving. This tradition is one of America’s favorite activities and undoubtedly fuels the economy this time around.

How Charlotte SMEs can Boost Sales During this Season

Advertising is one of the most remarkable ways SMEs can thrive and survive throughout times like these. Some people might not be aware of the products and services you offer, which is why investing time and money into advertising campaigns can boost your conversions. Many people are spending more time at home, and giving them plenty of time to browse search engines for gifts and even traverse social media for hours on end.

Running campaigns to increase your product visibility will give you improved sales as time goes by, and purchasing sponsored post slots on social media platforms can further extend your reach. Facebook is one of the best ways to go, as advertising can be relatively inexpensive with a fantastic ability to reach specific audiences and demographics. When you can target the correct audience, these people are likely the buyer personas you are looking for and are more susceptible to purchasing things from your company.

Advertising Is Better Today Than Ever Before

Traditionally advertising during the holidays was costly, as you might have needed to secure a spot on television, the radio, or a space on print platforms. Other billboards might have been over the budget for SMEs, as these can be extremely expensive depending on the location.

Today, there are fewer Charlotte  SMEs investing in traditional advertising forms and is going for pure digital marketing and advertising techniques to boost sales and conversion rates. There are ad spaces available on social media, various websites, and even PPC advertising slots on search engines like Google’s. They are more budget-friendly, and if done right, these can put SMEs on par with some of the larger industries.


Charlotte is doing everything it can to cap off a stressful year with a positive note. Fortunately, many are still doing their holiday shopping and putting in plenty of thought for the community around. There is much to love about this most wonderful time of the year, and people will definitely bounce back as the virus spread starts to come to an end. However, for now, Charlotte SMEs can invest in local advertising to take baby steps back to success.

Charlotte Open For Business is a business platform that provides resources to small business owners in the area to survive the blows of COVID-19 as it continues to rage on. In Charlotte, there should be no one left behind, which is why providing access to capital and resources to the micro-level will help alleviate the damages caused by a dwindling economy. Contact us to know more about the “Meet Charlotte” project that aims to save the local scene.

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