Nobody expected the COVID-19 outbreak to disrupt the world throughout all of 2020. Still, the hard reality is that local retailers, restaurants, and other Charlotte businesses will be required to celebrate the holidays during a pandemic.

The colder season typically brings sales-boosting opportunities for a wide variety of establishments, but with national quarantines dampening the holiday cheer, it can pose a greater threat to businesses struggling to keep the lights on.

As the ongoing pandemic changes the way Charlotte businesses move forward with the holiday rush, the tips below should help you plan for a successful winter season and ensure you can have a merry time as the New Year approaches.

Tip #1: Go Digital and Leverage Online Shopping

Many Charlotte businesses can quickly adjust to the digital landscape, but some brick-and-mortar establishments like restaurants and retailers may find it challenging to jump the virtual bandwagon.

Now that the coronavirus keeps people stuck at home during the holidays, the only way to tap into a broader range of customers is to go online and meet potential buyers there.

Fortunately, getting into the holiday spirit online is as easy as a few clicks, though it means integrating digitally-enabled touchpoints like contactless payments and a more sophisticated website to manage the traffic during the seasonal rush.

Tip #2: Allocate Costs Wisely

Businesses often get ready for seasonal products, which can be an expensive venture that may not be worth taking during this year’s pandemic-fest. Instead of exhausting your budget on season-inspired customized packaging and products, it’s better to allocate the resources to improve the customer experience.

The goal is to make customers feel festive and not focus on making things expensive for you and the buyer. Investing in a better delivery system, for instance, can pave the way for more sales opportunities. Adding cost-effective holiday collateral like coupons can also help improve your holiday plans.

Tip #3: Focus on Building Customer Relationship with Repeat Buyers

A big part that builds your revenue mostly falls on repeat customers, generating a whopping 40 percent of your bottom line. The numbers can easily spike up during the holiday season, so it makes sense to focus on improving your relationships with current customers by investing in e-mail marketing.

Other strategies like offering discount codes for seasonal products can serve as a cost-efficient incentive that can shape the buyer’s experience, allowing everyone to have high hopes for the future even when celebrating amidst a crisis.

Why You Should Meet Charlotte

Celebrating the holidays is a challenge for businesses with the pandemic’s impact, but the City of Charlotte offers a wide range of opportunities to grow your business and come out of the coronavirus stronger than ever before.

This gave birth to Open For Business, a platform that aids the recovery of businesses like restaurants, bars, cafes, and other establishments affected in the City of Charlotte. Browse our directory today and find city-sponsored access capital opportunities, business tips, and webinars to help you flourish amidst adversities.

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